Friday, September 25, 2009

What a wonderful much to appreciate!

I know that so many of us "warrior moms" sometimes feel great after we can vent after a particularly stressful day....and I think that is for all moms who have a hectic day or week. However, I have made a commitment to myself to be sure to write down the good days and positively vent about the great times as well.

My four children played so well with each other tonight that I told my husband I was afraid our real children had been kidnapped by aliens! LOL.

They were all so sweet and so good. I love it when they play together. It is so fulfilling to hear my daughter playing "mom" to them and even funnier when I hear them using my "lines." I love it when they really are good about playing with Patrick and including him too.

Tonight all three boys are "camping" out in their bedroom floor tonight. It feels great to see that.

My wish is that for my other dedicated mom and dad friends out there to have a peace filled night.

I know we get down at times, but we have to make the memories of all the good days be a big BOOST for us!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Have it all? Who wants it all? I'll just take a large portion of some of it...the best parts.

HI all,

Gosh I feel so much better as I blog tonight. I have two or three in the "edit" and "saved" area regarding vaccinations etc that I vented on but need to edit before I post them. Luckily this email is a little more positive.

I know that homeschooling is not for everyone. Don't get me wrong, I realize that some people have a work schedule or other responsibilities that just don't allow for it.

However, I just wanted to offer a positive word on it to anyone that is interested. I home school four children. A 4,5,6,and 7 year old. Yes, some days I do feel like I have lost my mind.

However, bear this in mind, I don't have to deal with teachers, with policies that I don't agree with, and I don't spend any time, energy, or money fighting the school system regarding special education with my son. When I hear the horror stories that others struggle with I am so glad that I made this decision.

It is so much easier than I ever thought. But it is the most fulfilling and wonderful thing that I have decided to do next to actually having the children. :)

I am also feeling much better thanks to Dr Paige Adams helping me decipher some of my lab reports and working on balancing out some issues. When I see what my son Patrick goes through with his biomedical issues caused by vaccinations and what my father goes through with his RA and chronic fatigue due to chemical overexposure to uranium hexafluoride, I am just so sad but so determined to get everyone feeling better.

I also really prioritized my life. Or should I say re prioritized. No more chairing events, no more club meetings, no more anything that requires my regular attendance right now that doesn't involve my kids. I might occasionally do something for a charity fundraiser or for fun for myself but I am so burnt out on so many of the things I have been involved with.

I had created a motivational program called "Yes You Can" and it revolved around trying to accomplish everything humanly possible. It was very popular. I was paid a lot of money to present it to people...mainly by the companies they worked for.

I threw every bit of it away and deleted everything off my computer.

Who in the world wants to achieve everything?
You can have it all? Who wants it all?

I decided that was about the stupidest thing I could try to teach anyone.
I just want what is good and important to me....and I don't think you can really teach that.

Sorry for the rambling. I plan on doing some more in depth posts on home schooling and the different things we do.

Monday, September 7, 2009

We survived the aiport

Well this last round of IVIG went much better. Patrick did great at the doctors office but when I say we survived the airport, I should say "we barely survived the airport."
Patrick was so very stimmy that the airport completely over excited him. Landing in Orlando had him saying "Disney, beach" over and over.
The real kicker came when we went down to the ground transportation area where he spotted the Disney bus he rode in last spring. We provided some real entertainment for the rest of the customers in the car rental line with us. We even had people letting us go know that things are bad when others let you go before them in today's society.
The trip was overall very taxing. A definite bright spot was that he did so well at the doctors office and the other bright spot is what a helper his seven year old sister can be to me. She was great for helping out in the airport and helping in the hotel.
I know these types of moments are the ones that make our family bond stronger and yes, makes me a better person. But sometimes it is tough.
I watched a documentary the other night about a lady who had adopted around fifteen or so children with a mental or physical challenges. It made me realize that life with autism might not be a path that I would have knowingly chosen but I sure know that things could be much much worse for our family. I have the utmost respect for all other parents out there who know what it is like to be in the trenches fighting alongside their child.