Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Silence May Be Golden......But There Is a Time To Speak

I think the heading of this post will probably be very descriptive of my feelings for a good, long while.  Gosh, sometimes life kicks us.....and kicks us......holds us under water......stomps on us......and tosses about everything imaginable into our paths.   I have started to wonder if God is preparing me for big things or if I was just a horrible person in several past lives.   lol

I thought this post was really funny.  Not necessarily applying it to myself.  I have realized that having personal enemies is a drain on ME....it doesn't really hurt them.  Only hurts myself.  I try to teach that to my teenage daughter.  Soooo glad I am not 13 again!  :)

I divorced and started a new live five years ago.  Luckily, I have moved on from that period in my life.  Because of needing this change for myself and my children; I have ended up having poison darts shot into me in every imaginable way.  Luckily, I now have a wonderful husband who has patiently pulled those arrows out of me and is helping me to dodge them.

The best arrows you can throw back aren't actually physical arrows.  Instead, stand up and live your life to the fullest.  You really do have to ignore the haters.  There are some situations where it is hard to do that.  Usually if you keep quiet, ignore a rough situation, and persevere you can deflect a lot of problems.  Occasionally that just doesn't happen.

I've been quiet for five years.  Let a few people say awful things about me; most of them not true.  The rest very misconstrued.  I have laid low; just hoping, praying that something else would come along that their negative energy and hate could be directed to.   Unfortunately, that has not happened.

Dr. Ronald Kelley, who I admire and absolutely think the world of, has encouraged me to write a book for years.  Lately, I have read a few books from local author Molly Harper.  I met Molly when she worked for our newspaper; way before she became a well known writer.  She is an inspiration to me as well.  It is encouraging to know someone who actually sat down and finished their book.   :)   My next post needs to be titled Books In Our Head.  Gosh, don't we all have those.

Back to the subject, the time has come and I refuse to be quiet any longer.  I have not decided on the proper forum or forums but I am ready to tell my side.    To be continued.......

Monday, May 28, 2012

Back to Blogging 2012

Hi everyone,

I seem to have taken a "blogging break" in 2011 but am renewing my column starting today.  Glad to be back to my writing---not only on here but also working on a new book.  Just finding the time is the challenge.  I usually wake up about 2:30 AM with book "thoughts" floating through my mind.  LOL.

Busy with so much going on with kids, business, and just life in general. 

Recently I was appointed by Governor Steve Beshear to the Kentucky Council on Developmental Disabilities.  We have a big two day meeting coming up.  Would love to hear thoughts from parents on subjects such as inclusion, problems with restraints in schools, funding issues, etc.

This is just a little update and I will be back soon with some relevant thoughts on different topics. 


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beacon of Light on the Autism Spectrum

Sometimes in the day to day process of this thing called "life" it is easy to not notice the milestones that our kids make. Not only our ASD kids but our typically developing kids as well.

I am always delighted whenever someone has not seen Patrick for awhile and they comment on how verbal he has became and how well he seems to be doing. Sometimes in the daily routine it is hard to see new milestones and it becomes easy to over look small accomplishments. The great thing is that small steps can often turn into a great big leap forward when combined together.

One big thing we have done is gone back to revisit a lot of our bio-medical strategies such as testing again to check Patrick's metal levels, started back on Secretin and Oxytocin, and also really started delving back into Patrick's food allergies. I have been reading back up on viruses again and have found a lot of new information about the types that Patrick shows exposure to on his blood panel.

His Behavior Therapist, Joni, and I have already seen marked improvement in his stimminess this week just with a round of Diflucan, Nystatin, and some diet adjustments. I am keeping a very detailed notebook of what Patrick is eating and also what he is craving. Also, keeping a diet low in oxalates and MSG is proving helpful.

We hope to revisit stem cells soon as well. He saw some good gains after his initial injections last June.

The other big part we have been working on with ALL of my children is organization and routine. Teaching responsibility has been a big component in covering ground here. I have noticed that the more routine and chores the kids have that it makes my household run so much better!

I have a new resolve to provide updated blog information in a more timely manner too. It is always so helpful when we can all share information with each other.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bring on the New Year

I always love the start of a New Year....not the dreary, depressing, cold days of January but the hope that a new year always brings. Although it is cold and snowy as I sit here and look out my window, I cannot help but feel more hope as 2011 starts than I have in many years.

Sometimes "Conquering" our lives is as easy as having that hope. We read about "faith the size of a mustard seed" in the Bible and know that it doesn't take much faith or hope to transport our thinking to a better level. I know that many parents especially who are out there reading this have days...and even months or years, where hope has felt like it picked up and packed a bag. I felt like my hope was living in a foreign country and possibly not getting back to the US for quite awhile. :)

My hope for all parents....and especially my dear autism friends this year......is that everyone can see a renewed vision for their lives.

I lost hope in a 14 year marriage in 2010......but I gained faith in myself.

I lost hope in the media ever getting any decent coverage out that is truthful regarding vaccines and autism....but I gained peace in knowing as a parent I am doing the right things for my child.

I lost hope in some ex family members in 2010.....but I gained a strong network of people who would go above and beyond anything to help the kids and I in any way possible, at any time.

I sometimes lost hope in the world ever straightening out.....but gained hope that I could still as a parent have the power to effect my children in a positive way even with the negative influences of the world at large.

The Halvorson's have been thrilled to start out 2011 with some new firm rules of the household, mainly concerning a good bed time schedule and everyone sleeping in their own rooms....with minimal argument. I wanted to say "no" argument but decided to be truthful. HA HA. It is amazing what a few basic rules can do for every ones demeanor.

Hopefully this will be a nice basic little start for us to build on and keep things running very smoothly. Patrick is doing good and I am thinking about going back for a second round of stem cells soon. We have all been sick so that has been a little speed bump but today for the first time I think we are all pulling out of it. We have started another good home school semester with everyone on track or a grade ahead. Rose is in 4 th, Packy and Bob are both in 2nd and Joe is in half K/half 1st. They keep me busy! I am so blessed to have them.

Have a wonderful start of 2011!!!