Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September Progress

Hi everyone,

All of the kids are just having a great time and doing so well together. School has started and gotten into full swing. Patrick is doing great in second grade.

This picture was taken a few years ago. It is still one of my very favorite ones. They have grown up so much since then.

Patrick has been doing great. We noticed that he still is very verbal from his stem cell treatment that he had in June. Packy cracked me up a few weeks ago. He has been singing all of his old favorite songs from when he was little and it is so cute!! We are looking at going to Panama again soon for a booster of stem cells for Patrick. We are currently thinking about mid-October.

We haven't set anything in stone yet. The kids and I are moving into our new house on October 11 so we will have to see how all of that is going. Although we are praying for a smooth transition. Patrick has a new bunk bed that he and Bob will be sharing and they just love it. Since he likes trains again, I got him decorations and bedding with trains, so far he seems to think it is all pretty cool.

His Dr, Scott Smith, has just moved from Florida to a new practice in New Jersey. I just spoke with him a few days ago and he seems encouraged by the results from Patrick's stem cells as well.
Second grade is going really well. Patrick is still doing great with his spelling, writing and language. Math is still good; maybe a few of the same small speed bumps on introducing some new concepts the way this current book shows things but Joni is always able to work out any speed bumps that we come across. The best thing that has happened lately involves his reading. Patrick has never liked the Abeka Curriculum readers that I have always ordered. Joni switched him into a different age appropriate book and now he is reading without tears. :) Which of course we all like!
I am just so thrilled to see Packy so happy!