Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thursday Update

We are confirmed now into Panama City, Panama on June 25. Patrick has his stem cell treatment during the week and we fly home on Saturday, July 3. Keep Pack in your prayers!

Wet weather has postponed the majority of Pat's racing season this year. He has raced one time this year. He is gearing up for racing this weekend. I was thinking about getting the ole' #13 car out but I am helping Joni with wedding prep on Friday evening. Wes and Nidia are getting married at our house on Saturday. The hopeful couple is praying for sunshine! :)

I just finished updating and re-vamping my other blog, the one I use for pageants. I have posted the information for that blog to the left of my postings. I am working on adding some autism related reading lists and a business reading list as well.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Moving right along

Hi all.

Well I have finally got the room booked and got the airline tickets all planned out for our stem cell trip. We ended up booking into the sister clinic in Panama City, Panama. We had initially planned on going to the Costa Rica clinic but decided to go to Panama. They are ran by the same doctors. We are leaving here on June 25th and we will be back on July 3.

I spoke with Patrick's Florida Dr., Scott Smith, today and he said that he had the pleasure of meeting the clinic director and several of the doctors at the University of Miami last week. He has three other kids that are going down in June from his practice.

I have had a lot of messages from friends and family who got so worried over the 60 Minutes special on stem cells. I think that the national stem cell clearinghouse said it best, "Out of all the quality stem cell clinics that operate in the world, 60 Minutes would dig around to find the worst charlatan that they possibly could." I thought this was a very fair statement.

I just finished reading a really good book written by the dad of a boy that received stem cells from the same clinic Patrick will be going to. You can find this book on Amazon, it is Out of the Darkness by Daniel Faiella.

For more information on the Stem Cell Institute check out their website at