Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Silence May Be Golden......But There Is a Time To Speak

I think the heading of this post will probably be very descriptive of my feelings for a good, long while.  Gosh, sometimes life kicks us.....and kicks us......holds us under water......stomps on us......and tosses about everything imaginable into our paths.   I have started to wonder if God is preparing me for big things or if I was just a horrible person in several past lives.   lol

I thought this post was really funny.  Not necessarily applying it to myself.  I have realized that having personal enemies is a drain on ME....it doesn't really hurt them.  Only hurts myself.  I try to teach that to my teenage daughter.  Soooo glad I am not 13 again!  :)

I divorced and started a new live five years ago.  Luckily, I have moved on from that period in my life.  Because of needing this change for myself and my children; I have ended up having poison darts shot into me in every imaginable way.  Luckily, I now have a wonderful husband who has patiently pulled those arrows out of me and is helping me to dodge them.

The best arrows you can throw back aren't actually physical arrows.  Instead, stand up and live your life to the fullest.  You really do have to ignore the haters.  There are some situations where it is hard to do that.  Usually if you keep quiet, ignore a rough situation, and persevere you can deflect a lot of problems.  Occasionally that just doesn't happen.

I've been quiet for five years.  Let a few people say awful things about me; most of them not true.  The rest very misconstrued.  I have laid low; just hoping, praying that something else would come along that their negative energy and hate could be directed to.   Unfortunately, that has not happened.

Dr. Ronald Kelley, who I admire and absolutely think the world of, has encouraged me to write a book for years.  Lately, I have read a few books from local author Molly Harper.  I met Molly when she worked for our newspaper; way before she became a well known writer.  She is an inspiration to me as well.  It is encouraging to know someone who actually sat down and finished their book.   :)   My next post needs to be titled Books In Our Head.  Gosh, don't we all have those.

Back to the subject, the time has come and I refuse to be quiet any longer.  I have not decided on the proper forum or forums but I am ready to tell my side.    To be continued.......