Monday, May 28, 2012

Back to Blogging 2012

Hi everyone,

I seem to have taken a "blogging break" in 2011 but am renewing my column starting today.  Glad to be back to my writing---not only on here but also working on a new book.  Just finding the time is the challenge.  I usually wake up about 2:30 AM with book "thoughts" floating through my mind.  LOL.

Busy with so much going on with kids, business, and just life in general. 

Recently I was appointed by Governor Steve Beshear to the Kentucky Council on Developmental Disabilities.  We have a big two day meeting coming up.  Would love to hear thoughts from parents on subjects such as inclusion, problems with restraints in schools, funding issues, etc.

This is just a little update and I will be back soon with some relevant thoughts on different topics.