Saturday, August 14, 2010

Update on Patrick's Progress

Patrick is still doing really well after his procedure with the stem cells in June. He just finished a round of Septra for some bacterial issues and Diflucan for yeast in his stomach. These are issues that he has battled with for years and when they both flare up it is tough on him. The round of both meds has helped him considerably though.

He is doing great art work and is very dialed into his school work too. Patrick and his brother Robert have both started Second grade together. Patrick is in the grade level that he should be in and so far all is going really well.

Joni and I took him on an outing yesterday with his two brothers and two other girls. Patrick did great! He swam with the kids and had a big time. At dinner, the first restaurant we went to was so busy that we had to leave and go to a second choice. Although really hungry, Patrick handled this little "speed bump" great. He got a little upset momentarily when we went back outside to get into the car but he quickly understood that we were going right down the road to another place.

I would still say at this point that the stem cells have been worthwhile treatment. I have a follow up in about a week or so with the Dr's at the clinic and at that time we will discuss if he needs a second booster of the stem cells. I am guessing that we will do this.

As far as life in general, this summer just sped by. I got back from Las Vegas and the last 4 weeks have sped by. We all started school last Monday at our home school. The week was good and by Friday I think we were getting settled into a new routine. Robert and Joe both started Upward Football today and both are very excited over that. Rosemary started gymnastics with both of her cousins this past week too. All the kids seem to be really excited over their new activities and routines.

I will keep everyone posted on Patrick's progress and any new updates!