Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beacon of Light on the Autism Spectrum

Sometimes in the day to day process of this thing called "life" it is easy to not notice the milestones that our kids make. Not only our ASD kids but our typically developing kids as well.

I am always delighted whenever someone has not seen Patrick for awhile and they comment on how verbal he has became and how well he seems to be doing. Sometimes in the daily routine it is hard to see new milestones and it becomes easy to over look small accomplishments. The great thing is that small steps can often turn into a great big leap forward when combined together.

One big thing we have done is gone back to revisit a lot of our bio-medical strategies such as testing again to check Patrick's metal levels, started back on Secretin and Oxytocin, and also really started delving back into Patrick's food allergies. I have been reading back up on viruses again and have found a lot of new information about the types that Patrick shows exposure to on his blood panel.

His Behavior Therapist, Joni, and I have already seen marked improvement in his stimminess this week just with a round of Diflucan, Nystatin, and some diet adjustments. I am keeping a very detailed notebook of what Patrick is eating and also what he is craving. Also, keeping a diet low in oxalates and MSG is proving helpful.

We hope to revisit stem cells soon as well. He saw some good gains after his initial injections last June.

The other big part we have been working on with ALL of my children is organization and routine. Teaching responsibility has been a big component in covering ground here. I have noticed that the more routine and chores the kids have that it makes my household run so much better!

I have a new resolve to provide updated blog information in a more timely manner too. It is always so helpful when we can all share information with each other.


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